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43V 13AH 560WH original Bafang Battery


43 Volt



Bafang 43 volt bicycle battery

This original Bafang bicycle battery is suitable for use in Gazelle, Amslod, Brinckers, Victesse and Cortina bicycles and is exactly the same as the original bicycle battery that was supplied with your bicycle.

The Bafang Factory Supplied 43V bicycle battery is suitable for use in the UART system and the Canbus system. Note: this is a completely new battery, we do not repair or rebuild any lithium batteries


  • Weight              2.2 kg
  • Dimensions     40.8 × 12.3 × 7 cm
  • Voltage            43 V
  • Capacity          13 Ah
  • Watt Hours      560Wh
  • Colour               Black
  • Battery Type      Lithium-ion
  • Charger            This battery works with your original Bafang charger
  • Warranty          2 year warranty
  • Battery location     This is a rear rack battery, to suit Bafang 43 volt systems

Bicycles with this system include   

Amslod Hamilton MX 
Amslod Preston MX 
Amslod Wellington MTX 
Amslod Hilston LTX 
Amslod Nweton LX 
Amslod Highland LX 
Amslod Venton LTX 
Amslod Aston MTX 
Amslod Carlton SX 
Brinckers Baxter 
Brinckers Brisbane 
BSP La Dolce Vita 
Cortina E-Octa 
Cortina E-Octa Plus 
Cortina E-U1 
Cortina E-U4 Transport Raw 
Cortina E-Common 
Cortina E-Foss 
Dutch ID Comfort 
Gazelle PuurNL HFB 
Gepida Reptila 1000 Altus 7 BAF-M 2018 
Gepida Reptila 1000 Nexus 7 BAF-M 2018 
Victesse Edge N3 HF 

This bicycle battery can replace the bicycle batteries with, among others, the following type numbers:
All Bafang batteries. Both the UART system and the UART / CanBus system
Model numbers: BT C01.340.UART, BT C01.450. UART, BT C01.600.UART, BT C01.750.UART,
BT C01.340.UC, BT C01.450.UC, BT C01.600.UC, BT C01.750.UC