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Shimano Steps BT-E8035 36 Volt 14AH 504Wh electric bicycle battery


36 Volt

14 AH

Shimano BT-E8035 Battery

Original Shimano Steps in frame battery, built by Shimano to replace bicycles fitted with the Shimano steps system


Shimano Color                                Standard

Shimano Model Code                     BT-E8035

EBike Batteries Code                       E43614086

Shimano Article Code                      Battery

Bike Discipline                                 Electric Powered Bicycle Use On The Bike

Rated Power (Wh)                           504Wh

Type                                                 Battery

Battery Type                                    Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

Estimated Voltage                            36V

Battery Type                                    Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

Position                                           DownTube         

Compatible Charger                        EC-E6002/EC-E800