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Shimano Steps BT-E6001 36 Volt 14 AH grey battery

Sold out

36 Volts

14 AH


This is a brand new 36-volt 14 AH Shimano Steps BT-E6001 battery, to fit in the rear rack of a bicycle using the Shimano Steps system.  Built to Shimano’s high-quality standards, it is protected from dust and splash water and charges in 7 hours with a 2A charger


  • Voltage                           36 Volt
  • Capacity                         14 AH
  • Power                              504 Wh
  • Color                               Dark Grey
  • Battery Type                    Lithium-ion
  • Charger                           Charges the battery with the original battery charger.
  • Weight                            2.55 kg
  • Guarantee                       2 years
  • Suitable for                     Shimano Steps System

Shimano Steps for rear racks
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This bicycle battery can replace Shimano batteries with the following type numbers

IBTE6001G (STEPS E6001; 504Wh)
IBTE6001L (STEPS E6001; 504Wh)
IBTE6001GC (STEPS E6001; 504Wh)
IBTE6001LC (STEPS E6001; 504Wh)
IBTE6000GC (STEPS E6000; 418Wh)
IBTE6000GC (STEPS E6000; 418Wh)