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48 Volt 20AH Ebike Battery, with 4.5A Charger, excellent long range battery

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48 Volt



40A Continuous Discharge 

Panasonic 5000mah 21700 Cells

This battery is completely new to our range, and one of the first using top line 21700 cells, for long life and performance.

Built to specifications, this battery is suitable for bikes with motors up to and including 1500W

We do not rebuild or repair batteries, so this battery is built with 100% new components.

  • 48 Volts
  • 20AH
  • 40A Continuous discharge, for motors up to 1500W
  • 960Wh
  • 367L 95W 125H
  • Panasonic 5000mah 21700 cells
  • 4.5A charger
  • 4.8Kg excluding charger