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Gazelle Innergy compatible 36 Volt 13 AH Battery


All new replacement for Gazelle Innergy bicycle battery for Gazelle Innergy e-bikes. 

New Battery Charger included in price

New and improved battery provides excellent value and quality, with built in rear light connected to main battery pack. Rear light requires no batteries to be replaced, for the life of the battery! Your battery includes a new battery charger

Important: Refer to images, if this battery will operate with your Gazelle Innergy e-bikes with the display fixed on the handlebars. 


Voltage                     36 V

Capacity                    13 Ah

Watt Hours               468 Wh

Length                      390 mm

Width                         123 mm

Height                       64 mm

Weight                       3.59 kg

Colour                       Silver/Black

Battery location       Rear rack

Charging time          5 - 6 hours on average

Battery type              Lithium-ion

Protected against rain and dust

Warranty                   2 years