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Giant Twist & Ease 36 Volt 13AH bicycle battery, with new charger


Giant Twist and Ease 36V bicycle battery



Includes new Battery Charger

Giant Twist and Ease 36V bicycle compatible battery, suitable for Giant Twist ebikes.

This battery has been built with a larger capacity at 13 Ah. The battery comes without a new battery charger.

Does the bicycle battery fit?
This battery battery is suitable for the Giant Twist Go Double Power 2011 - 2014, Aspiro Hybrid 2011-2014, Esprit Power 2011-2014 and the Giant Ease e-bikes.

Safety, this battery recently passed the latest testing and complies with all the latest European standards


  • Part Number E13613068
  • Voltage 36
  • Capacity 13AH
  • Power 468
  • Battery Lithium Ion
  • Place battery Luggage carrier
  • Color Black
  • Charging time 5-6 hours
  • New Charger included with battery
  • Warranty 2 years